Focus session: physics of cleaning – 10 october

The GDR ISM is pleased to invite you to attend an online topical session on monday 10th october.

Connection link:
Meeting ID: 835 1120 3885
Passcode: 176234

This second focus session of 2022 will be dedicated to the “physics of cleaning“, from the viewpoints of fluid mechanics, wetting, spraying, foaming or bacterial decontamination.

The schedule and speakers are as follows:

9.00-9.30: Julien Landel (Manchester U.)
“The fluid mechanics of cleaning and decontamination of surfaces”

9.30-10.00: Andrew Utada (Tsukuba U.)
“Non-lethal disruption of mature biofilms from microchannels using a biosurfactant”

10.00-10.30: Philippe Garnier (STMicroelectronics)
“Nanoparticles cleaning in semiconductors manufacturing”

10.30-10.45: break

10.45-11.15: Elise Lorenceau (CNRS-LIPhy)
“Physics of spray cleaning : nanotsunamis in microdroplets”

11.15-11.45: Thierry Ondarçuhu (CNRS-IMFT)
“Capillary cleaning: desorption of contaminant molecules by a moving contact line”

11.45-12.15: Marie Le Merrer (CNRS-ILM)
“Foams for cleaning”